Ellis Martin is on FIRE This Summer. Watch the dreamy Just Like a Baby photo 1 Hailing from the windy city of Chicago, Ellis Martin channels a light breezy feeling into pop sound with roots in reggae, doo-wop, and electronic music, a sound that he calls “Molly Pop”.

With his music, Ellis attempts to pump a little bit of old fashion into the “very pornified, very hyper-sexual, synthetic environment” that we live in today.

His suave single “Just Like A Baby” can be found on his debut EP Pornotopia, set to be released October 21st.
The video for the single brings to life the ruthless, confusing, and heartbreaking characters that Ellis wanted to create in the wild world of Pornotopia .Other tracks on the EP, such as “Let It Snow” and “High On A Monday” stem from the drug-centered world that surrounded Martin as a kid and exposes the 21st century for what it really is.